Full Standard Architectural Service


Projects can be seen to be divided into 3 broad phases of work, which encompass work stages 1 - 6 as laid out in the Client Architect Agreement compiled by the SA Institute of Architects:

  • Concept Design (comprising work stages 1 and 2)
  • Design Development and Council Submission (comprising work stages 3 - 4a)
  • Tender and Construction (work stages 4b - 6)


Concept Design (comprising work stages 1 and 2)

  • We start projects with concept plan sketches to generate solutions to the client brief. We would normally explore a range of options from conservative interventions (to minimise costs) through to more substantial interventions which may offer better opportunities for addressing the brief. We also advise on site-specific legislative parameters and establish whether any departures will need to be applied for as part of the council submission. 

Design Development (work stage 3)

  • Once we have agreed a sketch plan to proceed with, we will develop the layout and detailing in 3D. The 3D capability is intrinsic to our CAD software and an invaluable design/communication tool. It is simplistic in its photo-realism but effectively communicates scale and form. We also start discussing the basis for the look & feel approach going forward.  Additionally, we begin to liaise with any other consultants that may be required, such as a structural engineer and/or a quantity surveyor.
  • This process would generate scaled CAD plans, sections and elevations which would form the basis of the council drawings, the tender drawings and the construction drawings going forward.

Council submission (work stage 4a), Tender and Construction documentation (work stage 4b)

  • Once the client is happy with the approach going forward we will prepare council submission drawings and detail the project further for tender and construction. Unless the client has a preferred builder we advise tendering projects to a selected list of builders to ensure a competitive price. This phase will also involve the selection of finishes and fittings, which, we would typically source samples of, together with quotes for the client to choose from.

Construction (work stage 5 - 6)

  • Our service for site supervision entails bi-weekly site meetings with the builder, to inspect his quality of work and ensure drawings and specifications are being followed. We also typically administer the building contract between the client and the builder and certify his claims for payment to ensure his claims are in line with progress on site. 
  • Please note that whereas we do monitor progress on site, we do not project manage the builder, nor any of his subcontractors, which is a common misconception.  The building contract is between the client and the builder and the responsibility for ensuring the project is delivered on time and to the required quality is the contractor’s.